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Friday, December 1, 2006

Irvin's Free Pass is Bogus

The double-standard lives! Michael Richards is a racist, but Michael Irvin is not.


In case you missed it, Michael Irvin suggested Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo must have some black ancestors based on his athleticism:

He doesn't look like he's that type of an athlete, but he is. He is, man. I don't know if some brother down in that line somewhere, I don't know who saw what or where, his great great great great grandma ran over in the 'hood or something went down. . . . If great great great great great great great great grandma pulled one of them studs up out of the barn, "Come on in here for a second," you know, and they go out and work in the yard. You know, back in the day.

Of course, you couldn’t possibly have missed Michael Richards’ racist rant against some black hecklers. That was all over the news. I wasn’t looking for the Richards’ story any more than the Irvin story, yet TV news wouldn’t let the Richards’ rant go while I stumbled on the Irvin story in the back of the paper.

The worst part if I’ve already heard two white talkshow hosts kiss Irvin’s ass by saying we should just get over it. He was being funny. How come they never say that when a white guy makes a racist joke?

ESPN hasn’t fired Irvin from his job as an NFL analyst. Yet, Rush Limbaugh was fired as fast as possible because he suggested Donovan McNabb was overrated because he was black. CBS fired Jimmy “The Greek” because he suggested black athletes were better due, for lack of a better phrase, to breeding of slaves.

By the way, Irvin was using the same logic, and using it to make a crass joke.

Irvin was an idiot long before this comment. As a white guy, I don’t give a damn what he says about race or anything else. The problem is that if this country is ever going to truly get beyond race, it can’t only be time to “get over it” when a black guy shows he’s a racist.

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