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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Garcia has Birds Rollin' toward Playoffs

Birds’ fans seem to have an early Christmas present. The Eagles are poised to make the playoffs after having been left for dead weeks ago. Without having heard official scenarios, it seems apparent the Eagles need only win one of their final two to make the playoffs. With the all-but-dead Falcons waiting in Week 17, the Birds seem destined to play in January.

Jeff Garcia has gone 3-1 since being a starter, and has the Eagles sitting at 8-6. I’ll be the first to admit I thought Andy Reid should have started A.J. Feeley after Donovan McNabb went down. The team was 5-5, and looked putrid. I thought it was time to see if Feeley was our future.

Now, it’s time to root for lightning in a bottle. The hell with the future. Garcia has assumed leadership of this team without a single monotone proclamation of that fact by the quarterback. He’s run the offense as well as McNabb typically did (aside from occasional stellar games), runs when needed without fear of being dubbed a running quarterback, and got over chants for Feeley faster than McNabb got over anything. He’s even conjuring up the word “quarterback controversy,” or at least should be, but that’s an article for another day.

The Eagles could get a home playoff game. Yes, it’s crazy, but who cares? By the way, who strikes fear in your heart in the NFC? No, the Birds won’t scare anyone, either. But, again, who cares? Three weeks ago Philly fans were counting the days to opening day of the Phillies.

Now, we’ve got a Christmas Day game against the Cowboys that will have dinners pushed up to mid-afternoon . . . or gulped down at halftime . . . across Philadelphia. We’ve got something to care about besides the Wing Bowl or how badly Billy King will screw up the Allen Iverson trade.

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