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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Wish List, '06

Dear Santa,

I wrote last year on behalf of the Philadelphia sports fan, and just realized I at least got a few things on my list. Donte' Stallworth might not be the best number one receiver, but at least he’s sane. A season late, but Freddy Garcia is definitely a number one pitcher. Andy Reid actually started running the ball, but I’m still not confident that gift won’t break if we play with it too much.

A post-up presence, bullpen, and a media that’s not fixated on Terrell Owens would still be nice, but I have a new list. This year I’d like:

· An epiphany for Ed Snider on the value of retirement so he can stop ruining not one, but two, Philadelphia franchises.
· A gag for Stephen A. Smith.
· Now that we’ve seen the value of a solid-to-good pocket passer at quarterback, could we get one for the long haul?
· I’m pretty sure we’re about to see the value of a point guard who actually passes the ball. Again, I’m just looking to keep him, ok?
· Something to care about with the Flyers. Anything will do.
· Since we appear to be stuck with him, the ability to swing at the inside pitch for Pat Burrell would be great. Actually, it would be good if he could just stop treating pitches that are over the plate like inside pitches.
· After the T.O. circus followed by Allen Iverson’s departure, we could really use, say, six months without a major flare-up with one of our sports stars. Just six months . . . please!

A short list considering the sad state of the Philadelphia sports scene, I realize, but we’re pretty desperate. I don’t want to push our luck.

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