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Friday, November 10, 2006

Eagles in Their Own World

We should all live in the Eagles’ world. Then, no matter how bad things got, we could not only ignore it but proceed as though we were brilliant.

The Eagles “locked up” three players to long-term contracts during the bye week, continuing their love affair with mediocrity. Reggie Brown, Mike Patterson, and Trent Cole will be in Eagle uniforms for the foreseeable future. The extensions, part of which can be counted against this year’s cap, will once again allow Joe Banner to talk about how the team spent to the cap limit this year, and cry about how they’re unfairly dubbed “cheap.”

Apparently, fans should ignore the fact that they do next to nothing in free agency most years, and then try to pass off this type of accounting move as being an ultra-aggressive franchise. It’s bull, just like it was in years passed.

Reggie Brown is halfway through his second ho-hum season. He’s no more of a known commodity than he was on draft day less than two years ago. He had 3 ½ years remaining on his initial contract! Isn’t this the same franchise that created more than a year of drama when Terrell Owens wanted a new contract after one year of a contract??

Uh, . . . hello? I hate T.O. too, but I’ll extend him a hell of a lot faster than Brown.

Trent Cole is in the exact same situation.

So is Mike Patterson.

I’m not ripping these guys. They’re all good players with a lot of potential. That’s the problem – all three still have more potential than anything. And, oh by the way, their solid-to-good stats come while playing on a sub-.500 team since they arrived.

These signings aren’t anything to get excited about. These players aren’t anything to get excited about. Not yet, anyway.

The experts. Ok, so I forgot to post Vegas Vic’s picks last week. But our other experts went a sorry 8-8-2 last week. Rich Kotite might be proud, but with these guys now 22-20-1, they should be embarrassed.

Brandon Lang:
Eagles-7 over Washington
Temple+36.5 over PSU
KC+1 over Miami
Detroit-6 over SF
NYG (even) over Chicago

Vegas Vic:
Rams (+3) over Seahawks
Panthers (-9) over Buccaneers
Eagles (-7) over Redskins
Colts (-12) over Bills
Lions (-6) over 49ers
Ravens (-7) over Titans
Jets (+10) over Patriots

Lee Sterling:
Mia+4 over Maryland
USC-8 over Oregon
Chi (even) over NYG*
StL+3 over Seattle
Phi-7 over Washington

Marc Lawrence:
Cin+17 over West Virginia
SMU+3 over Houston
StL+3 over Seattle
Oak+10 over Denver
Phi/Washington UNDER

Hank Goldberg:
SD-1 over Cincinnati
Pit-5 over NO
Phi-7 over Washington
Det-6 over SF
StL+3.5 over Seattle

*Sterling bravely called Chicago “outright” over the Giants in the “pick ‘em” game. Really instills confidence, eh?

Week in Review:
· Ed Snider announced today that the Sixers would not be sold. So, maybe now Comcast will commit to this team.
· Donovan McNabb revealed a new line of clothing this week. Glad football hasn’t distracted him from his career goals.
· Ryan Howard hit a bunch of home runs in Japan during an exhibition tour of major league players . . . and it was probably the best sports story this week in Philly.

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