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Friday, October 20, 2006

Week in Review / Picks

Nothing motivates me enough for a column this week. It could be depression over proving I may be better off picking teams out of a hat for my weekly picks instead of actually thinking about them. It could be the realization that Andy Reid’s an idiot. It could be that the Phillies won more games than a team in the freakin’ World Series. But, life moves on, so here is my Week in Review:

· There’s been talk that Charlie Manuel should be concerned now that his staff includes three ex-managers in Jimy Williams, Art Howe, and Davey Lopes. Only Williams, who hasn’t coach since 1996, has a winning record as a manager. Shouldn’t the fans be concerned?
· The Daily News is reporting that a group headed up by Julius Erving wants to buy the Sixers. Do you have any hope left for this team? There’s just been so many changes at the helm, I just can’t muster any enthusiasm.
· The Flyers are already shuffling players around. It’s October 20th!
· Not one, but two, New York teams choked in the playoffs. If it didn’t cost me half of my I-can-lose-this-much football cash, I’d be far more excited. (Get your damn bat off your shoulder in the bottom of the ninth with two outs!)

Picks. God help you if you’ve been listening to me. SD-5.5.

Eagles. If only Reid would listen to somebody. Run the damn ball, Andy. Adjusting might be good, too. You’re killing your own defense, which isn’t great and kinda dumb, apparently (with 2 game-killing idiotic penalties in only 6 games!). They’ll beat Tampa Bay…my brilliant Super Bowl pick…and cover.

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