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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Week 5: Eagles Expose Owens

Terrell Owens is officially the typical bully — pop him once, and he goes away quietly. After all the hype surrounding his return to Philadelphia, the attention-grabbing receiver simply looked pedestrian with 3 catches for 45 yards.

Ok, so he never really got popped. Doesn’t that only make it worse? He actually alligator-armed a ball in the third quarter. He did nothing the whole game, and still managed to start yapping at Dallas quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

I’m not sure what is worse — the fact that Bill Parcells has clearly been castrated, and doesn’t have the juice in Dallas to cut T.O., or the fact that T.O. is allowed to continue his act. The Cowboys, I hate to admit, are damn good. Considering Washington’s ugly loss to the Giants, they’re probably the Birds’ only competition for the NFC East. For all the talent Owens has, the distraction he is on a daily basis clearly isn’t worth it any more.

Does anyone think Parcells wouldn’t trade 3 catches for 45 yards to have avoided the headache of number 81? He’s not even opening up the field for others — the Birds didn’t seem to double the guy much tonight.

As giddy as this would normally make Eagles’ fans, it’s pretty clear the Birds aren’t a Super Bowl contender. Gaudy numbers by Donovan McNabb can’t hide the fact that he bounces one or two passes a game, and throws behind receivers. A 4-1 record doesn’t mask their inability to run the ball, which will bite them in Andy Reid’s large, pass-happy backside in January. Worse, McNabb’s best weapons, Brian Westbrook and Donte' Stallworth, are clearly injury prone.

But for now, the bully has been sent home sucking his thumb, and he’s wearing the Dallas star on his helmet. For better or worse, that’s enough for most Eagles fans.

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