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Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Ugly Sunday

It’s one of those days that makes me wonder why I’m a sports fan. I started this blog a year ago August thinking the Birds were poised for a Super Bowl title or two and the Flyers would likely hoist the Stanley Cup soon. I’ve been a fan of the 76ers through their darkest days, and had a re-birth as a Phillies fan that summer after years of hardly noticing that there was still a baseball team in town. I figured combining my interest in sports with my desire to write, along with picking some games, might be fun.

Then days like today roll around that prove I suck at picking games as badly as the Philadelphia sports franchises suck at winning them. Writing about it only forces me to think about the sickening state of Philly sports.

The Flyers fired Ken Hitchcock today, and Bobby Clarke resigned. I never quite got the constant trades Clarke made, and he seemed to be in love with superstars just passed their prime. I’m only a quasi-hockey fan, but continuity never seemed to be an issue for him. Apparently, it should’ve been. I don’t know why you bother firing Hitchcock at this point unless you’re looking to clean house and bring in a guy from the outside.

Then the Eagles lost on a 62-yard field goal to a team using a kicker who hadn’t hit one from 30 yards or more all year. Of course, if this team could execute at the end of the half and manage their timeouts, it never would’ve been an issue. Having a QB that doesn’t puke every time he plays in Florida might have helped, too. Maybe it’s time to heat up the bidding for (No, I don’t own it.)

Finally, Philly Sports Review clearly needs to take the word review more seriously. My picking days may be over after San Diego let me down against a Trent Green-less KC.

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