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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week 2 Eagles Review

I warned you about the Eagles and home openers. Once again the Birds turned an easy win, and an almost guaranteed 4-0 start, into yet another nightmare for Eagle fans.

Minutes after the overtime loss, here are my thoughts:
· This team just cannot run the damn ball when needed.
o With 9 minutes to go, they go for a fourth-and-1 and fail.
o They get the ball with 6:09 left, and pass, call timeout, pass for a first, have a false start on Donovan McNabb doing God-knows what, run, and fumble.
o With just over 3 minutes left, they run for 0, McNabb scrambles for 3, pass for a first, run for 1, run and lose 3, pass, and punt, giving the Giants 58 seconds to get a field goal.

· The defense looks bi-polar. For two straight games they give up a TD on the opening drive, then look like world beaters. This week’s performance at the end isn’t something I can grill them for. They just wore out.
· Doug Schoebel showed up for one moment so far…to drop a TD.
· As good as they looked at the end of the 1st half last week is how bad they looked this week. I saw Stallworth under thrown, L.J. Smith drop a pass, and, after have 0 timeouts with 13:38 to go last week, another wasted timeout.
· The Eagles pass rush looked awesome, but Jevon Kearse’s injury could be costly.
· Trent Cole’s penalty for kicking someone late in the 4th helped give the Giants an easy field-goal. It’s the second straight week our “D” had an idiotic penalty.
· What the hell was David Akers thinking on the opening kickoff?
· Darren Howard is our back-up long-snapper? Isn’t he too important for that?
· Will L.J. Smith ever follow-up a so-called breakout game with a good one? I don’t think he “dropped” the pass in the 4th, but great players catch it.
· Why was some guy we never heard of covering Plaxico Burress for parts of the game?

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