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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The T.O. Coverage, 2006

I’m amazed that no matter how many times rushing to judgment makes people look like fools, they continue to do it. I was as stunned as anyone to hear reports that Terrell Owens had tried to kill himself, which ultimately proved to be an erroneous story.

Yes, I believe Owens’ basic story that he did not attempt suicide. There’s no way he would have been discharged in less than a day if he had. I also believe his publicist’s comment that “Terrell has 25 million reasons to live” makes her the bitch of the decade . . . and I’m being nice.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as stunned by yesterday’s media frenzy. ESPN went to a day-long SportsCenter, which amounted to talking head after talking head offering “expert” analysis. What, exactly, they’re experts on is beyond me. My favorite was Michael Irvin, possibly the most annoying person on Earth, claiming to have been in constant contact with Owens since the previous night. Really? Even Owens said he was out of it, yet Irvin seems to think they were burning up the cell minutes.

Then there was the internet. I’ll admit, I go with the “review” concept to a) try to offer something different, b) I simply don’t see the value of being the first to blog on most things, which is what I assume they’re trying to do, and c) don’t really get bloggers who think they report news (unless they’re actually with a news outlet). They have heard of ESPN, CNN, and Comcast, no? It’s like those guys who “live blog” — responding to events as they occur. People live blog games for God’s sake! Who the hell cares about a game and chooses to watch a blog instead of (or even along with) the game?

Ok, ok, back to the original point. Bloggers with no more info than yours truly (and I have none that I didn’t get off the tube) were offering their own “expert” analysis. If you’re reading this you’ve no doubt read how T.O. was just seeking attention, he’d never play again, he’s depressed, and on and on. All of it is said with complete confidence — and zero evidence.

The best “story” out there I first heard on Comcast’s Daily News Live, as a Dallas reporter was basically convinced that the Dallas Cowboys had enough power to cover up T.O.’s suicide attempt. It was almost as good as WIP’s Steve Martorano prattling on (as if he does anything else) earlier in the day about how terrible it was going to be that T.O.’s people were going to cover it up, as if he knew it for a fact.

He didn’t know anything for a fact, and neither did anyone else claiming they did. Odds are all of the facts will never be truly known.

Picks. A 4-2-1 start isn’t too bad. This week I’m staying in the NFL again with San Diego –2.5, Cincinnati –6, and St. Louis –6.

Eagles. Is it possible the collapse against the Giants will be a good thing? The Birds might not lose again before the bye thanks to a weak schedule, and won’t have any talk of going undefeated to distract them. Eleven points is too much for me to give up in an NFL game, but the Eagles will handle Green Bay easily on Monday night.

Week in Review:

· As I type, it looks like the Phillies will either be rained out or playing late into the night for the second straight game. As their hopes to win the N.L. Wild Card dwindle despite their winning ways, this will only make things more complicated. So, I’ll ask what I’ve been wondering for a while: why doesn’t Major League Baseball leave a few more open dates in late September, you know, when the weather turns? (I know, I know, money.)
· I still hear people say they’d rather the Phillies not make the playoffs if it means Charlie Manuel won’t be back as manager. It’s more evidence of the growing loser mentality in this city.
· Am I the only one that thinks ESPN’s incessant ads for Monday Night Football are annoying? Coupled with the commercial of “Boomer and Tommy” practically necking to hype their highlight show that’s been trumped by NBC, the network seems to think they invented football.

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