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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Post-Game Thoughts on the Eagles

After a shakey start the Eagles cruised to victory against the Houston Texans. As fans gush over Donte' Stallworth, as they should, it should be remembered that the Texans are a pretty bad team.

Here are my immediate reactions:
· The defense was dominated in the opening drive. Could mean nothing, but it’s not what you want to see in the very first drive of the season when the team is hyped up even to play a bad team.
· Donovan McNabb put up solid numbers, and deserves credit for getting into a rhythm with Stallworth so quickly. That said, on the first TD drive for the Eagles he threw a ball at Brian Westbrook’s feet, plus on other drives Stallworth and L.J. Smith made diving catches on crucial plays.
· Brian Westbrook fielded a punt inside the 5-yard line to start the 2nd quarter. Mistakes like this will cost you against better teams.
· Jeremiah Trotter had a stupid late hit penalty at the end of the 1st half. The drive only ended in a field-goal, but you need more from a guy considered a defensive leader. Again, mistakes like this will cost you against better teams.
· A long drive for a TD at the end of the half in less than a minute is a good sign.
· No timeouts left with 13:38 left to play, despite the game being somewhat in control, is a terrible sign.
· I’ve already had enough of reporters and McNabb talking about how he just wants to have fun this season.
· Correll Buckhalter looked ok, but caution is still key in relying on him.
· I hope Bruce Perry on kick returns was a stop-gap after Lito Sheppard got hurt.

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