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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Day After: Birds Beat Niners

With a day to reflect on the Eagles beating San Francisco, and since posting right after the game didn’t garner many hits and almost felt like actual work, here’s my Week 3 review:

· The Eagles rushed for 150 yards — 71 of which came on one play. Media members can giggle about how “Andy Reid just doesn’t like to run” all they want. It’s ridiculous. If you don’t run, you can’t run when you need to. In the playoffs against good teams you need to.
· The Eagles decided to call a QB sneak to pick up 1 yard and gain a first down. Too bad they couldn’t think of that last week.
· If Mike Patterson doesn’t run back a San Francisco fumble on the Eagles’ 1 for an improbable TD, and the 49ers instead punch it in, the score is 24-10. The next score was a 49ers TD. Yeah, I know, “if and buts . . . ” but the Eagles are 2-1 with two wins over bad teams, and a loss via a complete choke against another team that may stink.
· It looks like the Eagles finally drafted a good receiver. Reggie Brown is easily the best receiver drafted in the Reid era.
· Common thinking says that this Eagles team is loaded with leaders. Yet Jeremiah Trotter talked about calling a team meeting on the sideline when the 49ers looked like they might make a comeback. Good, veteran-loaded teams don’t need in-game team meetings to put away a weak team, especially after last week.
· To continue a theme, a veteran team with leaders doesn’t spend a second straight week talking about “learning lessons” in putting teams away. I’m sick of hearing that garbage from Trotter and Donovan McNabb. If you haven’t learned those lessons yet, boys, you’re never going to.

Thoughts on the NFL:
· Not signing Deion Branch looks like the dumbest move of the year. The Patriots looked pedestrian on Sunday Night Football.
· Lovie Smith and Brad Childress made some of the most idiotic challenges I’ve seen since instant replay was instituted. Each side challenged plays that, even if they won the challenge, were meaningless.
· Is Brian Billick still considered an offensive genius? If so, why?
· I know they only played Houston, but Clinton Portis made Washington look like a real team.
· Giants fans were crowing like crazy last week. Now they got a 1-2 team with a completed overrated Jeremy Shockey calling out their coach after what should’ve been their second straight thumpin’.

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