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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

2006 Eagles and NFL Predictions

Despite some lukewarm results last year, and an 0-1 start to this season thanks to a potentially overrated Notre Dame squad, I’m back with my NFL season predictions for 2006.

The biggest problem this year is that I don’t think there’s a dominating team out there. I think this helps the Eagles put up double-digit wins, but makes prognosticating even more of a crap shoot. The trend of the Super Bowl loser going nowhere the following year is just too strong to think Seattle will make a return trip, and I still can’t figure how Pittsburgh won it last year. If Terrell Owens wasn’t a 200+ pound baby that destroys every team he touches, I’d have Dallas as a serious contender. But he is, and they aren’t.

For what it’s worth, here’s my season picks:
· The Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 record, make the playoffs, and win a game or two. I actually think if things break right, the Birds could return to the NFC title game, but will lose to a sleeper.
· I don’t buy the hype surrounding the NFC East. Washington always looks good on paper under Daniel Snyder but never performs; I’m not sold on Eli Manning and, therefore, the Giants. Dallas already regrets signing Owens; without him I would put my money on the ‘Boys. By default, I think the Birds take the division.
· NFC Winner: I’m going with two mild sleepers in the NFC title game, though everyone is so mediocre that the term “sleeper” may not apply. Tampa Bay takes down Minnesota to head to Miami.
· AFC Winner: I think the Patriots are doomed by Deion Branch’s antics. I’ll take the Colts to finally break through to the Bowl, beating Denver in the AFC title game.
· Super Bowl Champions: The Colts are still the Colts, and have to choke some time. The heavy favorites will fall to the Bucs in a laugher.

Here’s a few off-beat predictions:
· Terrell Owens will be suspended by the Dallas Cowboys at least one game this season.
· Eli Manning will continue to look like a deer in headlights.
· Brett Favre will have another bad season, yet continue to have praised heaped upon him
· Andy Reid will revert to ignoring the running game by week 8.

Week 1 predictions will appear Friday . . . I knew you were dying to know.

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