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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sixers Draft Nightmare

Once again the Philadelphia 76ers have left everyone scratching their heads on draft night. They sent the rights to No. 13 Thabo Sefolosha to Chicago for rights to No. 16 Rodney Carney and cash.


Are you kiddin’ me?

To top it off they ended up with an Andre Iguodala clone in Carney, according to ESPN.

This is insulting. Why not just take the guy without the trade? That would have been bad enough. This team missed the damn playoffs, and they draft the exact same type of player as one of the few good players they have. But to move down two spots to do it for a second round pick and cash is a slap in the face.

Second round picks are generally worthless. Even if cash considerations is equivalent to cap space, which I don’t think it is, they should be laughed out of town. Hell, even if it is, they should be laughed out of town.

The Sixers are owned by Comcast – one of the richest corporations around. Are they seriously worried about the NBA’s luxury tax?

I have never truly torched a team on this site. I used to be laughed at for wearing a 76ers jacket in the ‘90s. I loved this team.

All the trades that were made tonight, and this is what King comes up with? This media darling characterized as always having a cell phone to his ear trying to come up with deals managed to do worse than stand pat.

If there’s not another shoe to drop – and a damn big shoe – Billy King AND Ed Snider need to get the hell out of town.


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