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Monday, May 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts on sports in recent days/weeks:

Charlie Manuel finally rips into his team and they go on a 12-1 tear. I admit I thought the Mets would cool off the Phils, and that the rain-shortened finale of that series was lucky for them. But after the Phillies swept the Reds, I’m starting to believe again. Upcoming series with Boston and the Yankees should tell fans how excited we should get.

If you don’t think the NBA cowers to Mark Cuban, watch a tape of Saturday night’s Spurs-Mavericks game. Dirk Nowitzki scored 27 points, all but 6 of which were from the foul line — and he missed three foul shots. The refs handed the one-point win to Dallas.

I’m tired of Larry Brown . . . again. Now, he’s reportedly being bought out in New York after one season. It may not even be his fault this time, but enough is enough.

Whoever produced O.J. Simpson’s version of Punk’d in which he pretends to sell his infamous Bronco should be slapped. Hard.

Stephen A. Smith actually did a good show on the parallels between the racism Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds faced as they approach(ed) Babe Ruth’s home run mark. However, I have some replies: I have zero problem with baseball asterisking Mark McGuire’s records; I don’t give a damn that Bonds is passing #2 on the home run list, and I’m thrilled he won’t catch Aaron; most fans, though I’ll grant not all fans, are reacting to Bonds’ use of steroids — not his race.

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