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Sunday, May 7, 2006

NBA's Second Round Playoff Picks

After going 7-1 in playoff series of the first round of the NBA postseason and hitting my suggested 5-team for fun only parlay, the quarterfinals seem much less secure. I said Detroit would beat San Antonio in the Finals, but the way the Spurs looked against Sacramento has me nervous. Miami didn’t look great against Chicago either. So, can Dallas and/or New Jersey pull their respective upsets? Ultimately, I’ll say no, but might avoid both series beyond simply picking them. Odds will likely make doing anything more than picking Detroit and Phoenix to move on worthless.

For the record, I’ll take San Antonio, Phoenix, Detroit, and Miami, to move on but would stay away from anything more than friendly picks. (The Phoenix-L.A. odds aren’t up yet from what I’ve seen.)

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