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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Improving the NBA Playoffs

The NBA is having one of it’s most exciting playoffs in years, with 3 of 4 conference semifinals reaching game 7. As I hold on for dear life with my series picks, I can’t help but offer a few suggestions to make the playoffs even better next year:

· Give Disney (ABC/ESPN) another five years on the contract to fire Bill Walton. He’s an idiot. He overstates everything, is usually wrong, has an obnoxious delivery, comes off as though he’s some guardian of what constitutes greatness despite having had a mediocre NBA career, and his main objective appears to be kissing the ass of players he deems great. Plus, it bears repeating, he’s an idiot.
· Shut Mark Cuban up. Yes, he made tons of money elsewhere, and gets to live the dream of owning a team. Fine. He doesn’t need to be shown on camera every five seconds, or asked his opinion on anything. He tries to play the every-day-guy role one minute, and the forward-thinking NBA owner the next. He whined like a little girl when Jason Terry was suspended, and tried to redefine a punch. He’s almost as bad as Walton.
· Call actual fouls, not phantom violations. I’m tired of watching star players get a call every time they’re breathed on.
· Fix the TV schedule please! How hard is it to start east coast games by 7:30, and west coast games by 10? Some of the Western Conference games have started at 10:45 — that’s ridiculous.
· David Stern already promised to fix the seeding that brought us San Antonio / Dallas in the second round. Whatever happened to giving the division winners their nugget of a higher seed in round one, and then re-seeding by record? It wasn’t broken!

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