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Monday, April 10, 2006

Mickelson Shows What Golf is All About

Phil Mickelson won the Masters yesterday, and proved as golfers often do why they play a game — not a sport — reserved for the pampas elite. A quick highlight on NBC 10’s Sports Final showed Mickelson and his caddie screaming at a fan for taking a picture as he swung.

“C’mon! This is the Masters!” I heard one of them yell.

The problem is that fans who get why this makes him a jackass don’t care about golf, and those who will scoff at me are the pampas idiots who play golf and think they’re playing a sport.

They’re the same guys who think Casey Martin — a guy with a disability who couldn’t walk long distances but could play golf very well — tried to ruin their game because he wanted to use a cart.

They’re the same guys who really play golf because it’s elitist. They play in the clubs most can’t afford, and, whenever possible, others that don’t look like them are still kept out even if they can afford it.

So, celebrate Mickelson if you must. He no doubt deserves the admiration of golfers everywhere.

Now, if he ever learns to play with fans screaming in his face like real sports . . . ah, never mind. We still won’t give a damn.

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