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Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Dull Summer?

After watching the Phillies score one unearned run against a guy with an ERA of well over five, I’m at a loss as to what to say about this team. In fact, as only the Flyers stand between Philadelphia and the abyss of another endlessly dull summer, I am wondering if we should just start the countdown to Eagles training camp right now.

The 30,000 or so people who really care about the Flyers were at the game tonight. Sure, I hope they win, but I have a hard time getting excited about a game where it’s impossible to tell whether or not a guy scored after 10 replays. The goals that are clear seem like accidents more often than not. Besides all of that . . . wasn’t this team practically handed the Cup last summer?

I hate to talk about “heart” in sports because it’s a completely overused term. I want to kick in my radio every time I hear the Flyers commercial with the no-doubt-aging South Philly chick screaming, “It’s all about heart, baby!” No, it’s not. It’s about talent, and the Phillies have way too little of it. Their so-called ace, Jon Libre, is stinking up the joint. Even I know Ryan Franklin can’t pitch. Pat Burrell swings for the fences way too much. Jimmy Rollins never works a count. And whether it’s heart, caring, or something else, this team rarely seems bothered by their ridiculous start.

I think I was the last holdout thinking the Sixers could win with Allen Iverson, and even I’m ready to move on. I don’t really blame him, but 10 years is enough. The hope here is the Sixers finally “start over,” and that’s no fun to watch.

Finally, there’s the Eagles, who have the 14th pick in tomorrow’s draft – the most over hyped event in sports. I was expecting to see them draft another big lineman in the first, and still do. It may be prudent, but it’s boring as hell. Based on the Birds’ track record – despite their smug attitude and talk of championship blue-prints despite never winning a Super Bowl – it may not ever be prudent. I heard Glen Macnow say he thinks they’ll take Maurice Stovall, a wide receiver from Notre Dame. I’d be ecstatic to see that happen . . . and being ecstatic over a middle first round pick is damning praise of the Philly Sports scene in April.

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