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Monday, March 27, 2006

Expert(?) Picks

I’ve been tracking a couple of those free pick services, and the inevitable finally happened. Brandon Lang and Maddux Sports picked the same game . . . on opposite sides.

So, knowing I was likely risking a less than mature reply, I e-mailed both services to inquire about their free pick philosophy. Was it the best one that didn’t make the for-pay picks (both said yes) or something else? I also mentioned the contrasting picks, not as a complaint but as the reason I’d chosen today to ask.

I got an immediate reply from Lang’s folks, which began by arrogantly asking me if I really thought they cared about Maddux Sports. I pointed out that I never said they would, but that Lang might care that his support staff was obnoxious. (Actually, I doubt it.) This apparently won me the “chutzpah” award for bothering their very busy staff about another service even though I’ve “NEVER bought a pick,” according to an e-mail received from their “customer service director” (as if it wasn’t the same guy) minutes later.

And that’s the part I don’t get. I was more surprised to get a reply, then by the content of it . . . which I probably shouldn’t have replied to by informing him he resembled part of my anatomy. But, why in the world would people buy picks?

This reply was from a website by of the guy who inspired the film Two for the Money — a movie that reveals these betting “experts” as no more reliable than a flip of a coin. Those are his words, not mine.

Besides that, the odds makers have more info, resources, etc., than anybody. Their the ones who make picking these games a flip of the coin. I just don’t get why anyone would pay someone else to try to pick a winner for them.

Sure they know more than the average guy, but why? Could it be that they have more time to gather information since they make money, not on gambling, but gamblers?

For the record, I got a very courteous reply from Maddux, though their was a show thrown at Lang. I won’t quote it as I didn’t reveal (or expect) that I’d be writing about this. Also for the record since the game’s already started and both picks are available free, Maddux took the Heat tonight. Of course, both sites offer disclaimers not to judge them on one pick, and I only track them for fun. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

Also, I'm not really ripping Lang or Maddux. I check them out, and even have some fun throwing my own picks out there (for fun only, of course). But for Lang's "staff" to cop an attitude about buying his picks is laughable. I'll flip my own coin.

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