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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Cataldi TV Show Ends...was it THAT good?

I caught most of the re-airing of the final Angelo Cataldi Show on Comcast, and I’m curious what I missed over the last 7-8 years. Watching it, you would’ve thought the next Johnny Carson was ending some miraculous run.

Cataldi needs to be loved more than anyone I’ve ever heard in my life. He threatened to leave that show more than he did anything else on the show, and every contract dispute he’s had with WIP gets out in one way or another.

Ever since he made his TV and radio show — and website — more about himself than anything, he’s become a caricature of what used to be a damn good sports commentator. His TV show became little more than the mouthpiece of every overly reactionary South Philly Eagles fan, with interludes of Cataldi attempting to kiss the ass of local semi-celebs and showing semi-hot women. He’s one of those guys at a party that starts telling the world how something no one has ever heard or cared about is such a rich part of the fabric of our city, mostly so he can rub cheeks with it and get the same praise in response. Comcast even allowed him to include highlights from The Great Sports Debate — a show they refused to keep from Prism — to make it look like the show had more history than it did.

He told Michael Barkann on Daily News Live that he’ll do his radio show til they drag him out him out of there. Later in the week he got Andy Reid to open up more than I’ve heard in a long time. If Cataldi goes back to doing sports, he’ll deserve the type of praise he got this week when he retires from radio.

Picks. Take Carolina plus the points, NE and Pit on the money line.

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