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Friday, December 2, 2005

T.O. Still Collecting Idiots

Is there anyone else that would like to make an ass of themselves commenting on Terrell Owens? Anyone? C’mon . . . you’ll have good company.

You can add Arlen Spector and Bernard Hopkins to the list of idiots so desparate for attention they’ve gone out of their way to comment on T.O. Spector promised to look into whether or not the Eagles broken any anti-trust laws.

Thanks, Arlen. Good to see you’re spending your time as a career politician wisely.

Then there’s Hopkins. He understands T.O. Great. They’re both idiots who won’t have anyone who cares what they’re doing this weekend. Someone please tell Bernard to stop trying to portray himself as Mr. Philadelphia. Psst, Bernard, no one cares enough to watch you on pay-per-view.

Phils sign Gordon. Ok, the Phils didn’t want to guarentee a 4th year to 34-year-old Billy Wagner, possibly the best reliever in the National who just signed with the division rival Mets. Yet, they turned around and signed 38-year-old Tom Gordon — who hasn’t been a full-time close since 2001 — for three years.

I’m confused.

Gordon got a reported $18 million. Wagner got a reported $43 million.

I’m less confused.

Week 13 NFL picks. I got a bit bloodied on Monday night, but look to continue to improve my for entertainment only picks’ record that now stands at 17-12-1. Just for the record this week: Dallas +3 at N.Y. Giants, and Denver –1.5 at Kansas City.

Eagles. This week they’ll be the ones getting bloodied on Monday Night Football.

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