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Friday, December 9, 2005

Birds Fans Need to Chill

After the Eagles lost their third straight NFC title game, I lost some of my passion for the Birds. I was reminded of that when I heard the venom of Eagles fans after the Birds were embarrassed on Monday Night Football.

I heard comments like “Lurie owes me my money back,” “The Eagles SUCK,” and “Fire Reid.” I just don’t get it. This team’s been DOA for weeks. Their best two offensive weapons are done for the year. You can now add Brian Westbrook to the list. Where do fans still get the energy to spew the venom at this point? Were people still dumb enough to believe the playoffs were still within this team’s grasp?

I waited several months before launching this blog, thinking the Birds would carry me til at least February. You can rip the team on many fronts. Their philosophy of letting their own free agents has finally bit them in the ass. They should’ve been more decisive on T.O. Westbrook probably should’ve been signed soon. And, why, exactly, didn’t we sign Plaxico Burress who went for a song and could have softened the blow of losing T.O.?

But . . . it’s over. It’s been over. McNabb was hurt in the very first game. The question of when, not if, the Owens’ experiment exploded was answered. Who cares if they win the rest of the way? At least, who cares enough to get riled?

Someone wake me on draft day.

NFL Picks. 0-2 hurt last week, but I’m still hangin’ on to my above .500 perch at 17-14-1. This week I mainly like KC +3 at Dallas. Then, I’m going to try something new. For fun only of course, like all my picks, take NE –4 at Buffalo, TB +6 at Carolina, and KC in a parlay.

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