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Friday, November 18, 2005

Whose the best Philly sports talker? / NFL, College Picks

I thought the launching of WPEN 950 would breathe some life into sports talk in this town. Maybe the Terrell Owens non-drama has soured me on the entire medium, but the truth is the whole concept has lost whatever it once had.

While it’s good to have Jody MacDonald back in town, putting him head-to-head against Howard Eskin is a mistake. Tony Bruno is fun for a while, but his radio-guy-schtick doesn’t hold up over the long haul. And Jim Rome is so bad, Tony Bruno gave me — just some blogger — a quote on Rome’s ridiculously dull format.

Over on 610 WIP, midday continues to be a black hole with the ridiculous, attention-grabbing, I’m-in-the-know-and-you’re-not tone of Anthony Gargano. Mike Missanelli is solid, and likely the best on the air, but his idiot partner (Gargano) makes it impossible to listen to him very long. Angelo Cataldi fell in love with himself years ago, and flushed a good show down the toilet.

Glen Macnow is still one of the best, it’s just a shame that he moved to the late shift . . . at least for guys that have typical schedules. He’s very even handed, has real sports knowledge, and can have fun while avoiding the BS the others fall into.

Then there’s Howard Eskin. Now that his annoying fetish with “bling” and “fur” is at least downplayed, he’s back to being the best sports talk guy in Philadelphia. He still gets more solid info than anybody, and talks more sports than anyone on WIP.

Picks. A 2-1 week has me finally smelling the above .500 air at 12-11-1. This week my for-entertainment-only picks are Clemson –3 over South Carolina, PSU –8 over Michigan State, and the Colts –5.5 over Cincinnati.

Bird watching. I said McNabb needed to be shut down weeks ago. On Tuesday, reported McNabb is likely out Sunday because of his groin. Huh? Are they really this paranoid? He's got a freakin' hernia. Are they so afraid of anyone else doing well — thus creating the inevitable qb-debate — they won't just get the guy fixed up?

I think that’s exactly why they didn’t shut him down. Now that their hands are finally forced — despite the bogus excuse that the groin forced the issue — I think the Eagles will get a temproary boost with Mike McMahon. Andy Reid will finally call a game that makes sense. I wouldn’t touch the game, but I think they’ll beat the overrated Giants this week.

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