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Friday, November 4, 2005

T.O. Countdown Is On

Terrell Owens is leaving the Eagles after the season. We know it. They know it. He knows it. And he’s now running his big, dumb mouth in a petty effort to . . . yeah, I don’t know either. But he continues to take shots at Donovan McNabb, the organization, and anyone else to get attention. At this point, it’s time T.O. left. Right now.

The season is not going to result in a Super Bowl victory, and we all knew that was the only goal this year. McNabb should’ve been operated on weeks ago to try to keep that goal alive. Now the excuse for not doing that is that he might not have returned all season. Unfortunately, the way he’s played makes the risk of him not returning more than worth the chance Koy Detmer could’ve tread water for two months until McNabb’s healthy return.

So, now we have a QB whose rarely effective, a coach without enough balls to sit him, and a team going nowhere. While it might dent the vanilla image this team works so hard to maintain, it’s time to do something drastic.

McNabb needs to stop the Richie-Cunningham-press-conference answers and rip T.O. Then the Birds need to send T.O.’s ass home for good.

Don’t cut him. Don’t bench him. Just send him home. Hell, they got so damn much cap space, they should pay him next year and keep him out.

That’s right, baby. Some good ol’ fashion spite. Then the Birds get McNabb operated on, see what Mike McMahon can do, more importantly see what Billy McMullen and Reggie Brown can do (if anything), and maybe we get some life out of this season. It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl, but it’d be better than what we’re gonna get – T.O. whining as the Eagles don’t even reach the Super Bowl and vanilla quotes from Andy Reid and McNabb until a March 1 press release that T.O. was released.

Enough is enough. Cancel the countdown and end the non-drama. Owens cares more about whether or not his 100th TD catch was announced more than the fact that his team has two huge games coming up. Three months ago, I would’ve said re-do his contract because it was too late to try to replace him, and it was our last shot with this window of opportunity to win it all.

That window is now closed. There’s no point in tolerating him any more. Send him home.

Last week’s game. I can’t even find the energy to review these games any more. It’s a joke. Denver’s defense wasn’t even considering that the Eagles might run the ball. They looked like they were in a goal-line stand when the Birds were on their own 20, and blitzed fearlessly.

New GM. The Phillies hired Pat Gillick as their new general manager. He’s clearly got a track record of success, so I’m ready to sit back and see what happens. I wonder how soon he’ll be ripped on WIP. The over/under is July 4.

Picks. 0-3 on the site last week only got worse later on my own. Glad these are for amusement only. I’m in desparate need of a run. I like the Colts –4, on the advice of an e-mailer the Falcons –2, and ND –9.

Bird watching. Read a book instead.

Week in Review:
· Why do Eagle players wear hats or shades on Daily News Live? They look stupid.
· I’ve already heard about the Wing Bowl more than enough.
· The Sixers will be better than their 0-2 start suggests.

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