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Friday, November 11, 2005

NFL Week 10 Picks

Are you sick of hearing about ex-Eagle Terrell Owens, yet? Me, too. And since, according to the media, nothing else has happened in the world of sports in the last 10 days, I’m getting right to my picks.

After a 3-0 week, I’m back at 12-11-1. Not where I wanted to be in November! But, as they say, there’s plenty of football to be played. I’m going all NFL this week. So, for entertainment purposes only, I’m picking:

· Vikings +9
· KC +2.5
· Pats –3

Bird watching. It’s the Birds-Cowgirls, and I can’t even begin to be objective. I hate those stinkin’ Cowgirls, and hope the Birds can start the Post-T.O. era with a MNF ass-kickin’ of the ‘girls. But, unless the blood is really pumping Monday night, I’m staying away.

Week in Review:
· The next commentator that whines about all the Owens coverage, followed by a rant on T.O., should be slapped.

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