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Friday, October 14, 2005

Phils Fire Wade With No Plan

The Phillies finally gave in to public pressure and fired general manager Ed Wade this week. I didn't have any special loathing of the guy, but I only got back into the Phils in the last couple of years. I understand long-time fans jumping for joy. But, the Phils really haven't done anything yet.

If you're looking for a new regime, the early signs aren't good. What took David Montgomery so long after the season to fire this guy? A GM's job for a season is done after the trading deadline. This decision should have been executed the minute the season ended. If missing the playoffs by one game affected the decision at all, it's ridiculous. Say the Phils beat the Mets once in the second-to-last series, which they obviously should have. Does Ed Wade still have a job? If not, why aren't the Phils ready — right now — to pull the trigger on a new GM? How in the world do they let Wade announce that the coaching staff will be returning? Why in the hell is Montgomery bringing assistant GM Ruben Amaro, Jr., along to negotiate with Billy Wagner? Why is anyone but the new GM making decisions on Charlie Manuel, Wagner, and, in fact, Amaro?

It looks pretty clear that Montgomery is just giving the fans what they want with absolutely no plan. He should have one job at this point: Hire a new general manager and get the hell out of the way.

I was ok with staying the course. I was ok with going in a new direction. Groping around in the dark should not have been an option.

Picks. My first winning week (2-1) has me feeling good. Admittedly, my record is still ugly, but the comeback had to start somewhere. This week I like ND+12, PSU+3.5, and the Pats +3.

Week in Review:
· The sporting world knows the White Sox beat the Angels in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series after the Angels catcher “trapped” the third strike for the third out in the ninth. Cries about instituting replay make no sense — replays haven’t offered clear answers. How about just eliminating the idiotic rule that if the third strike’s not caught the batter can run to first? Besides that, baseball loves stuff like this — it gets people talking about the sport.
· Baseball scheduled — scheduled(!) — a playoff game to start at 11PM this week Eastern Time. Good to see they’ve just decided to completely ignore the problem of kids being able to see the end of playoff games, and moved the problem to adults with any semblance of a life.
· Mike Missanelli called David Akers a “girl” during an interview. He apparently took a cue from baseball, and decided to completely ignore the problem of talk show hosts presenting themselves as journalists. He’s clearly ok with the title of “jackass.”

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