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Monday, October 10, 2005

Eagles' Week 5: Is the "Window" Closing?

Losing the week before a bye is bad enough. Getting beat by Dallas is bad enough. Getting your ass kicked is bad enough. Combine all three the way the Eagles did last night, and I'm surprised there's not a line of Eagles fans jumping off the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Regardless of what happened yesterday, I am beginning to wonder if the "window" of opportunity the Eagles brass has so diligently ignored is closed. Yes, McNabb is hurt, and true or not his injuries will be blamed for every bad performance for the rest of the year. But more is going on here.

Terrell Owens continues to take shots at the organization. Westbrook told us all he wasn't happy, and his production is down. The defense, which many thought would carry the team, looks old and lacks depth. Special teams look terrible. Andy Reid's inflexibility is getting old, and, ultimately, will seal this window shut.

Reid clearly likes his "gunslinger" image, and he refuses to change. His franchise quarterback is hobbled, and he's done absolutely nothing to adjust. Besides the fact you obviously need to have a running game, which the Birds all but abandoned at the beginning of last season, it's laughable that this lauded NFL head coach simply refuses to change anything about what he does on offense when his franchise quarterback can't move.

He got away without a running game because his QB was a threat to run on every play. That's no longer the case, and Reid doesn't seem to have noticed.

I didn't think the Eagles would win it this year before McNabb got hurt, and there's no chance they win it with him hurt. Terrell Owens will not be here next year, and at this point probably shouldn't be. The problem, though, is that Owens did bring this team to new heights, and losing him will mean filling a huge whole . . . and trying to open a new window.

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