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Friday, October 21, 2005

Dress Code Fills Drama-less Week

It seemed like a week of drama in the sports world: Does the NBA really need a dress code? Is it racist? Should a reporter disclose a rules violation on the golf course? Does anyone but reporters care?

Personally, I could not care less whether or not the National Basketball Association has a dress code for its players when their not in uniform and on league time. Cries of racism can’t be completely dismissed. Let’s face it, they’d like the league to look less “hip hop.” I’m not sure why they care because there’s no way corporate America is rushing to buy more luxury suites now that Allen Iverson will be in a suit when he enters the Wachovia Center. But when guys like Tim Duncan aren’t complaining and Jayson Williams in Sacramento is affected as much as anyone, the racist argument falls apart.

Now, if they’d like to make the game a little less hip hop, by, like, I don’t know, calling walks, I’m on board.

I’ve only ever been on the outer-most fringes of being a reporter, but Michael Bamberger, a reporter for Sports Illustrated, over-stepped his bounds when he went to officials about a drop Michelle Wie made in her pro debut. There’s no way you insert yourself into a sports story that way. It’s just not your job. Bamberger doesn’t do it if the golfer who made the bad drop is Joe (or Jane) Shmo.

The fact is that none of this is more than a blip on the radar screen of sports if reporters looking for something to wax intelligent about didn’t exist. We had two incredible, nationally-televised college football games last Saturday, yet there was more talk about the drop of a female golfer.

NFL Week 7 picks. Another 2-1 week has me closing in on the .500 mark. This week I only like Denver +2, and the Steelers +1.

Bird Watching. If it wasn’t the Birds, I’d be all over the Chargers +4. But, I just can’t get a feel on the Eagles this season. These guys made Terry Glenn look like an all pro, but their post-bye record is incredible. Avoid it, but if I had to . . . I’d pick the Bolts.

Week in Review:
· A bowl game between Notre Dame and USC is what even fringe college sports fans want to see, yet there’s no chance it happens. Something’s wrong here.
· Golf made major news because Michelle Wie dropped a ball in the wrong spot. I repeat, something’s wrong here.
· Monday Night Football was the Colts vs. the Rams last week. This week we get Atlanta vs. the Jets. There’s gotta be a way to get better games on Monday night.

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