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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week 2 After thoughts

It's early, but clearly CBS won't be calling me up any time soon for my picks. Starting 1-3-1 wasn't my idea, obviously (though I did say the Birds would win, just didn't pick the game with the spread). But, I started 7-0 last year, so I'm not giving up.

As for the Eagles, there's not too much you can say after an ass-whuppin' like that. Regardless, here's some thoughts that maybe you won't get everywhere else:

· As I type, it's not yet 4:15 and I'm over this win. It just seems like they had to crush this team to balance out last week.
· If McNabb really was that hurt last week, why not put Detmer in by the second half?
· Anyone else out there ever try ESPN's Gamecast online? It was very good two years ago, but has gone down hill. I tried to follow Detroit-Chicago, and it was like the guy typing in the play-by-play went to take a leak for an hour. San Diego-Denver was ridiculous, stopping with 2:58 in the first quarter until at least 5:30PM when I axed it. (Yep, I'm too cheap to buy DirectTV.)
· How come Governor Rendell never misses Post Game Live? I understand it's not that big of a deal that he does it . . . but he's never too busy?

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