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Friday, September 16, 2005

NFL Week 2 & College Predictions

Well, 1-1 wasn't what I had in mind for my prognosticating debut. But, I think I got some good picks this week.

· Detroit –1.5 at Chicago: I love Kevin Jones, and Chicago looks to be in for a long year without Grossman.
· San Diego +3 at Denver: After a bad loss to Dallas, I think the Chargers take this outright. Besides, Denver lost to Miami last week.
· ND –6 vs. Mich. State: I think ND may start rolling.

Bird watching. I wouldn't touch a double-digit spread with the Eagles, but they'll win.

Week in Review:
· Once again the Phils just can't close the deal on a sweep.
· With Comcast SportsNet and CN8, I can't understand why more local college games are on television. Last week CSN was running a Fox NFL preview while 'Nova played. Yeah, it's just Villanova football, but I'd see that over the B-team at Fox preview the NFL.

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