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Friday, August 26, 2005

Birds fans vs. Boo-birds

The question of whether or not Terrell Owens would be booed tonight was rendered impotent when he caught a long TD pass on the Eagles first play from scrimmage. The question of why the hell Philly fans wear the boo as a badge of honor, however, continues to go unanswered.

Though I consider myself a Philly fan, I began to sour on the clich├ęd member of our fandom after the Super Bowl. WIP callers sounded like fans of a 2-10 team after yet another loss. I actually watched the game with one idiot screaming "McNabb sucks" as the quarterback led the Birds to a touchdown and brought the score to 24-21. Now, many were looking to boo T.O., who like it or not is key to our hope for a Super Bowl this year.

I honestly think there's a faction of Eagles fans more interested in calling WIP, getting beer muscles at a game, booing, doing the E-A-G-L-E-S chant, and singing the fight song, than seeing a Super Bowl victory. In case any of you are having this read to you, please let me explain: You're idiots!

Hey, I like the cheer, have booed my share of bums, think the fight song's ok, and love hearing WIP callers get hyped for a game on a Wednesday morning as if they're at the game. But I'm sick of the idiots who think they represent everybody, and who are turning Philly into a town of losers.

They're the guys who have wrapped themselves in losing, and try to prove "we're the best fans in the world" by screaming louder, longer, and more often than everybody else. They're the guys saying the Phils can't make the playoffs based on the past and the future (schedule), and say even if they do they can't win anyway. They're the guys saying T.O. must go in August, never thinking that you can't replace him in any meaningful way at this point. And they're the guys who think the response to this argument is that they're not just going to blindly support a team, as if focusing only on the negatives of a team proves they're a discerning sports guy.

For those needing an easier way of knowing where the line between charged-up fan and idiot lies, consider yourself having crossed it if you: talk about bad trades or draft picks more than games, ever booed McNabb, think not keeping Scott Rolen was a good idea, or wanted to boo T.O. tonight.

The week in review:
· Someone a lot smarter than me once said "you are what you are by this point in a season" or something like that. The Phils are good, not great, and are a legit wildcard contender.
· I read in the Daily News that WPEN950 AM is going to all-sports talk on October 3. They're even bringing back Jody MacDonald. Though I think it's a mistake that they apparently plan to put him against Howard Eskin, I cannot wait to have an alternative to WIP! Their frequent arrogance has gone unchecked way too long. Doubtful both stations survive long, but at least I won't face the dilemma of avoiding midday sports talk or enduring the stupidity of Gargano on WIP.
· Australian golfer Karrie Webb made the news last weekend for taking a camera from a photographer for having the nerve to take a photo while she swung her club. Uh, honey, you're supposed to be in a pro sport. You're not, because golf is NOT A SPORT. But, if golfers are too damn weak-minded to handle getting their picture taken while playing their "pro sport," they need to stay home. (By the way, the photographer who let her take the camera, should be laughed out of the profession.)
· Two golf notes in one week will never happen again, but Tiger Woods got chastised by sports pundits for leaving a tournament while the possibility of being needed in a playoff still existed. It was pathetic to watch guys like Mike Lupica try to tear down a giant they created over something that almost became a story.
· Gary Papa seems to have been tossed off the Eagles Television Network for asking Brian Westbrook a contract question on a broadcast. This type of arrogance will cost the Eagles' regime . . . someday.

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