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Monday, October 15, 2012

Familiar Tune Pointless for the Eagles

          It’s the same, old song, but with a different feeling since I’ve been gone.

          Listening to fans since the Eagles choked up a would-be victory against the Detroit Lions at home is almost laughable.

          Here’s some tweets I caught after the game:



@NBCPHISports Reid, Vick need to go NOW. No more excuses.



When I get to heaven my first question for God is going to be "Why do you hate Philadelphia so much?"



Being an Eagles fan is like being kicked in the balls over and over while someone throws your pet into traffic.



@975TheFanatic "ok guys we're up by 10 late in the 4th, it's first down... Let's throw a bomb to DeSean."- Andy Reid. #interception


(See their links on my Twitter feed; link in the menu.)


          This morning people are ripping Mike Vick and Andy Reid. Play calling, turnovers, and the defensive coordinator, are once again issues.

          I don’t want to write an anti-Eagles blog, but everybody I know wanted to rip me for jumping to the Steelers after last season. Yet, everything I said is playing out – and I’m sure as hell not a fortune teller. All the same issues are still on display. All the same questions remain.

          What is the point of rooting for this team?

          What is the point of keeping the same coach who can’t win for 14 years?

          What is the point of keeping a guy who started at the NFL with zero experience because the head coach was dumb enough to hire him and continues to show it as your defensive coordinator?

          What is the point of keeping a running quarterback in the west coast offense?

          What is the point of chanting “Fire Andy” when the same fans are back in the same seats whether they do or don’t?

          For me, there isn’t one.

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