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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 1 NFL Free Fantasy Football

          I wasn’t sure I was going to find a way to compete in a free fantasy football league this year, but my brother came through and sent me a link for Peter King’s league on Unlike the competition I found last year at through Al DeMarco, this one will remain free through the regular season – at least through Week 16. Contestants have to win one week to qualify for the finals in Week 17 as I understand it. See the website for the official rules. (In case it’s not obvious, I’m in no way associated with the site or King’s competition beyond playing in it.)

          I don’t have anything else for a Hump Day Distraction, and the season officially begins tonight, so I’m posting my team today even though I didn’t pick any Cowboys or Giants. I reserve the right to make changes before my first game’s kickoff for my squad per the rules of the competition, and will update this post accordingly.

          Normally, I’ll probably publish my fantasy football post on Fridays unless I have a player going in the Thursday night game.

          As I said last year, I’m by no means an expert fantasy football player. I played in a couple of leagues (not in the same years) over about 10 years. I won once, finished as the runner-up once, and thanks to two or three side deals in semifinal matchups, eked into the black financially. I believe I had one “top 50” finish in the competition last season. I’m just having some fun with fantasy football, and I wouldn’t even do that much if it wasn’t free.

          On my team name is, shockingly, robqink. King’s league uses a salary cap of $60,000, and, I’m assuming players have to pick their roster every week. The roster requirements will be obvious with my roster, which is below:


QB Drew Brees $9,900

RB Ray Rice $9,200

RB Darren Sproles $7,000

WR Jordy Nelson $6,900

WR DeSean Jackson $6,100

WR Randy Moss $5,500

TE Brent Celek $5,300

K Robbie Gould $5,100

D Pittsburgh Steelers $5,300

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