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Friday, September 14, 2012

Brutal Week 1 Picks / Preview of College, NFL Week 2 Picks

          At 0-6 for -65 points, I couldn’t have started the season off much worse last weekend. Here’s the carnage:

          NFL Pick: Saints -7.5 over the Redskins for -15pts

          NFL Pick: Packers -5 over the 49ers for -10pts

          NFL Pick: Eagles -9.5 over the Browns for -10pts

          College Football Pick: Virginia -10 over PSU for -10pts

          College Football Pick: ND -14 over Purdue for -10pts

          College Football Pick: Virginia -10 over PSU for -10pts

          Obviously, I’m not changing my picks after the fact – not the I was out to prove that. And, yes, I’m 0-7 for -80 counting the NFL opener a week ago Wednesday, but that was in the previous Thursday to Wednesday “week.”

          So far, I’m looking at a couple underdogs in the NFL and double-digit favorite in college football. Check the blog this weekend for my brilliant picks in Week 2.

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