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Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Picks for 2012-13 on the Ink

          Once again I’ll be posting picks against the spread for college football and the NFL games. I skipped the baseball season up to this point after a bumpy NBA playoffs. For a little fun I will also be making a “survivor pool” pick for as long as I am alive, which is usually (ok, never) very long, and continuing to play Streak for the Cash. I recently created a profile for the Philly Sports Blog on the Ink. I don’t have much company yet, so please check it out here and hopefully I can get involved in some different groups on ESPN.

          Unlike other guys out there making picks against the spread, especially the so-called “godfather” on 97.5, I actually let people know exactly how I do each week when I’m actively making picks. Not much has changed since I wrote an introduction to my picks last year, although I haven’t checked out any of the handicappers mentioned in a while. I’m guessing I’ll still check out Al DeMarco this season.

          I also plan go back to posting the weekly updates and previews to the weekend’s picks on Fridays. Finally, I’m debating whether or not to continue posting picks exclusively on Twitter, or to change it to the blog with links from Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, people can trust me by now to know that I don’t change my picks after the fact.

          As evidence of that, I start this year with an overall record in all sports picks on the blog at 331-324-10 for +60.96 points. Talk about kissin’ your sister! In football I’m at 164-170-7 for +42.49 (with some early picks from the blog combining NFL and college picks), going 126-130-5 for +56.41 in the NFL and 53-56-2 for +116.15 in college football. Last season I put up an overall record in football of 42-41-0 for +48.45, 28-26-0 for -13.13 in the NFL and 14-15-0 for +61.58 in college.

          If those numbers don’t prove that my picks are for “entertainment only,” nothing will.

          I may have some picks this weekend, including one on the Alabama-Michigan game. I’m leaning towards ‘Bama.

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