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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Fantasy Football Week 10

          I was in the middle of the pack last week in the free fantasy football league I’ve been doing most of the season at Essentially flying solo again, I finished 183rd of 308.

          I set up a team this morning mostly because I wanted to get the post online. It always looks good on Saturday, and then Sunday comes. My brother will hopefully make changes before kickoff, be here are my suggestions:

QB      Matt Ryan (ATL-QB)          $14,260
QB     Aaron Rodgers (GB-QB)    $21,411
RB      Darren Sproles (NO-RB)    $13,020

RB      DeMarco Murray (DAL-RB)          $13,029

WR     Roddy White (ATL-WR)     $11,961

WR     Jeremy Maclin (PHI-WR)   $12,329

TE      Matt Spaeth (CHI-TE)        $2,797

FLEX  Danny Woodhead (NE-RB) $4,223

FLEX  Chad Ochocinco (NE-WR) $3,201

DST   Bears (CHI-DST)     $3,737

Cap = $100,000

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