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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Third Straight Winning Week of Picks

          My third straight winning week was short on picks but brought the highest weekly point total since early July. With the MLB series pick on the Yankees-Tigers and the parlay pick on the Rangers, Brewers, and Phillies, still pending, I essentially went 3-1 for +29.29 points.

          As fans know in Philadelphia, this has already been a bit of an excruciating MLB playoffs to watch. Seeing Justin Verlander get rained out of one of what should have been two starts in the series, which was the entire basis for the pick of Detroit, was very frustrating. Milwaukee looked like they would sweep Arizona, and Philadelphia seemed like they had their series in control early in Game 2. Three Game 5s doesn’t have me feeling good, but I’ll ride it out.

          I split the first two games of the Philadelphia – St. Louis series, taking the Phillies on the run line in each game. The first game was good for +5 points and the second gave it right back. Starting tonight, the three Game 5s will decide how successful I was in the opening round of the playoffs. I had intended to pick more individual games, but each time I thought about picking a game I felt like I already had enough riding on it.

          That left my football picks to decide the week. I only liked one game each in the NFL and college, and I won both 15-point picks to go 2-0. In the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” category, I rode Alabama again as they covered -4 over Florida for +15 points. (No “juice.”) In the NFL, the Ravens -3.5 over the Jets was a winning pick for +14.29 points. So far this football season I am 13-9 for +65.15 points, chipping away at the year’s deficit created by my NBA playoff picks.

          Once again I don’t like a whole lot in college or pro football so far this week. Follow me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for my picks.

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