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Friday, October 7, 2011


          For the second straight year the Phillies season ended with Ryan Howard at bat.

          Before the deciding Game 5 against the Cardinals I tweeted, “Dear God, just get Roy though the first, he’ll take it from there.” It was meant as a little poke at my biggest fear and the fear many others shared. We worried Halladay’s recent first inning troubles would continue, and that even one run would be insurmountable for the Phillies suddenly quiet bats.

          And that’s exactly what happened. The Phillies lost, 1-0.

          Howard injured his ankle on the final play, and had to be helped off the field leaving next season in doubt for the slugger.

          The same should be true of the rest of the roster at least as Phillies. No one except Halladay performed up to snuff in the NLDS. Obviously, blowing up the pitching staff doesn’t make sense, but if it’s even possible it’s time to dismantle the rest of the core of this team.

          I haven’t felt this bad after a loss since Tony Franklin missed a field goal to put the Eagles either in the playoffs or the next round of the playoffs – I forget, and I don’t have the energy to research it tonight.

          I was a kid then, and I cried. Tonight I’m just disgusted.

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