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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Jon Gruden smokin’? And other thoughts from NFL Week 3

          Yesterday I just happened to hear the beginning of Jon Gruden’s interview with Tony Romo on ESPN and was dumbfounded. I’m even more shocked by the lack of response. A buddy of mine asked what he was smokin’ when he heard the question Gruden asked. Here’s my thoughts from Week 3 in the NFL:

*Jon Gruden to Romo: “Isn’t it all about Tony Romo now, someway, winning a world championship? Isn’t that all that’s left?" Aren’t we skipping the part where Romo doesn’t suck??

*Last night’s Monday Night Football broadcast seemed like three hours of Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico trying to prove Gruden isn’t an idiot. They went on and on about what a leader Romo is. Are they kidding? I really lost some respect for Jaws last night. I understand Romo was hurt but Dallas didn’t even score a touchdown last night. By the way, Romo has one playoff victory. One. If he wasn’t the media creation that is the “Dallas Cowboys quarterback” no one would even know who Romo is.

*How the hell do the Eagles think Michael Vick had a broken hand and now it’s a bone bruise? Their medical staff seems as incompetent as the rest of the staff. By the way, doesn’t somebody have to ask if Vick could have gone back into the game since his non-throwing hand wasn’t broken?

*I’ve never heard NFL analysts question a coach more than they are criticizing Juan Castillo. His basic schemes are so dumb that usually butt-munching analysts are wondering what the Eagles are doing. Making Castillo the defensive coordinator may go down as one of the dumbest moves in NFL history.

*DeSean Jackson had 2 catches for 30 yards on Sunday – and that was better than last week.

*I still don’t get what happened to Green Bay’s punt return team at the end of their game against Chicago. How the hell do you get “deked” into thinking your team’s punt is on the opposite side of the field that it actually went to? It’s your punt! You know where it’s supposed to be going. Unless it’s January and the wind is blowing 20mph, there’s no way you can be fooled that badly. I mean, if you’re that confused, look up!

*Once again, the Patriots’ defense is their Achilles heel. They don’t look like they can stop anybody.

*The NFL has a growing problem with the penalties meant to protect players from injury. I don’t buy Vick’s whining about not getting flags, but just watching Red Zone makes it clear that the calls are wildly inconsistent. In one of the prime time games, I think last night, I actually heard the announcer suggest that the defense has to allow a receiver to start to make a move up the field. If true, which I doubt, that would be utterly absurd.

*One more point on Monday Night Football, which I’ve made before. These games stink. I haven’t had enough interest in any of the four games so far to even make a pick. And next week is Indianapolis at Tampa Bay, and there’s not one appealing game in October. They’ve got to figure out a way to “flex” better games into the schedule.

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