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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Return of Picks

For me, September 1st means fall isn’t far off and neither is football. And that means getting back to having some fun making picks on games.

First, I need to update my record from the summer. After getting my butt kicked making some baseball picks, I took a break. I kept updating my record on Twitter every Thursday, but for the record I am 31-31 for -9.51 points in baseball so far. Unfortunately, the last three weeks that I made picks were especially brutal as I went 6-15 for -61.63 points.

In the 2011 calendar year, I’m 106-111-2 for -318.26 points, thanks largely to a brutal NBA playoffs. The all-time record for picks stands at 295-288-10 for +92.65 points.

My point in making picks on the Ink is just to have some fun. Please read the introduction to my picks if you’re new to them. As if my record doesn’t already make it clear, I don’t pretend to be a “handicapper.” I take it seriously, which is why I took a break. I was stinking it up. But it didn’t affect anything except my level of entertainment. Please do not follow my picks for any other reason than a little fun . . . or a good laugh, apparently.

However, I actually did better in football last season than I ever did before. Overall, I went 67-64-3 for +124.11 points. In the NFL I was 44-45-1 for +69.54, and in college I was 23-19-2 for +54.57.

My thought is to be a bit more selective in making picks that I put out on the web. But as Jody McDonald used to say and probably still says, you get what you pay for . . . and how much did you pay for my picks?

Check out my picks on Facebook and Twitter throughout the season (see the links in the menu above or in the sidebar as of this post), and don’t let me suffer alone. Play along by posting your own picks.

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