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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a thought . . .

I don’t want to over reach on a day like today, but waking up hearing 97.5 The Fanatic allow people to react to the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead brought back many memories, as I’m sure it has for many. But one caller to sports talk who I heard shortly after 9/11 seems the most relevant for my sports blog.

The woman, justifiably emotional, was screaming at the hosts and really all sports fans, enraged that people were even discussing when sports should return. It should never come back, she said. To even care about it seemed blasphemous to her.

Yet, today and during that time almost 10 years ago, the mechanism that allows so many people to talk about the nonsense that can be sports has become a vehicle for much more. It’s a comfortable place that people are already familiar with to go and have an easy outlet for thoughts and emotions they otherwise wouldn’t know what to do with.

It’s something sports does on a regular basis, whether for the individual or the masses. And it’s something that should always be there. (E’hm, NFL.)

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