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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opening Round of NCAAs Ends Run

This week’s picks reminded me of the time I had to discuss The Sound and the Fury in college. I wrote out a page-long sheet of notes trying to make sense of it, the whole time thinking that the novel hadn’t made a damn bit of sense, and when I was done the professor essentially said the book didn’t make any sense and spent about two seconds of class time on it. By the way, I did graduate with honors and an English Lit degree, so I’m not a complete idiot – I just felt like one that day.

After a lot of picks this week I also ended up with a lot of noise signifying nothing, or at least very little. The hot streak came to a halt with a 6-10 record, but I only dropped 2.72 points. I split just two NBA picks for -.45 points, including last night’s brutal Sixers non-cover, and went 5-9 for -2.27 points in the NCAA Tournament. My bracket was awful, although I still have 6 of the final 8 alive and the Final Four. If I’ve figured it out properly I think I actually have a shot in one of the pools I entered – though I’m not exactly holding my breath. If I’m alive, it’s only because everyone else sucks as much as I do this year.

I employed my previously successful strategy of bundling together high seeds with money lines into parlay picks with a major flaw. With less games available with money lines, I went with lower seeds. It was enticing since I was risking points that were equivalent to or less than the potential winnings, but obviously that’s because they were harder picks to win.

Here’s the breakdown for the last seven days:

Parlay Pick: Connecticut -600, Syracuse -900, Louisville -550, Texas -600, BYU -420, -50 points
Parlay Pick: Wisconsin -190, Connecticut -650, Cincinnati 0, Kansas State -140, BYU -420, +61.36 points (risked 10)

Parlay Pick: Kansas -22.5, Duke -23.5, Syracuse -900, UNC -17.5, Texas -600, Georgetown -250; -5.00 points
Villanova -1.5 over George Mason; -5.00 points
Texas -10.5 over Oakland; -5.00 points
Georgetown -5.5 over VCU; -5.00 points

Parlay Pick: Pittsburgh -350, Connecticut -190, Florida -250, Kentucky -180; -10.00
Kentucky -4 over WVU; +4.55 points
San Diego State -6 over Temple; +4.55 points
Kansas State +3.5 over Wisconsin; -5.00 points
Connecticut -4 over Cincinnati; +9.09 points

Parlay Pick: OhioSt -850, Kansas -440, Syracuse -200, Duke -800, Texas -270, Purdue -480, UNC -200; -10 points
UNC -5 over Washington; -5.00 points
Kansas -8 over Illinois; +18.18 points

Bulls -4 over Hawks; +4.55 points

Sixers -7 over Hawks; -5.00 points

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