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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nice Run in Conference Tourneys; NCAA Champion Pick and Parlay for Thur/Fri

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!

It’s the best two sports days of the year as the NCAA Tournament kicks into gear, so I just have a quick review of last week’s picks. Tomorrow’s Rapid Fire Week-in-Review may be delayed . . . I know you were wondering.

I had my third straight solid week of picks at 8-5 for +36.08 points. With just one pick in the NBA, a 15-point loser on the Lakers -2.5 versus the Heat on Thursday, I feel good going into the tournament with an 8-4 run, including two multi-team parlay picks counting as just one win each, for +51.08 points.

Here’s the rundown of the college picks during the week, which were all during the conference tournaments:

Connecticut +5.5 over Pittsburgh for +4.55 points
Syracuse -2.5 over St. John’s for +4.55 points

UNC -10 over Miami for -5 points
Texas -6 over Texas A&M for +4.76 points
Syracuse -3.5 over Connecticut for -5 points
Parlay Pick on the money line: Kansas -750, Temple -500, Duke -500, UNC -550, Kentucky -500 for +26.29 points (risked 20)

Parlay Pick on the money line: North Carolina -260, Kentucky -290, OhioSt -650, Duke -320 for +18.20 points (risked 10)
Kansas -4.5 over Texas for +4.55 points
Louisville -3 over Connecticut for -10 points

UNC +4 over Duke for -10 points
Kentucky +1.5 over Florida for +9.09 points
Ohio State -10.5 over PSU +9.09 points

Follow me on Twitter for my picks all weekend and through the week. I’ve already tweeted a couple picks for the Tournament:

NCAAM moneyline Parlay Pick: Connecticut -600, Syracuse -900, Louisville -550, Texas -600, BYU -420, for 50pts to win 60.64 tournament.
I’ve used this strategy of grouping together major favorites early in the tournament in previous years with success. Obviously, there are other favorites I wanted to add, but the point spreads are so large in their games money lines are not available.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Champion Pick: Kansas +450 for 25pts to win 112.50.

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