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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rapid Fire Week-in-Review: Holy Family, Sixers Seeking .500, Schmidt is Right, more

Time for a Rapid Fire Week-in-Review:

• I just can’t believe there’s debate over the situation between Holy Family coach John O’Connor and player Matt Kravchuk, when O’Conner bloodied the kid’s nose during a drill then proceeded to kick the kid and threw him out of the gym. It’s on video. What is the debate? Don’t give me the tough guy garbage that says the kid should have “sucked it up.” The school apparently didn’t respond to complaints, and he did what he had to do. The coach should have been fired the same day of the incident.

• I don’t think I’ve ever ripped a fellow blogger, but I read the absolute dumbest post ever on the Holy Family coaching incident. Defending this coach is simply asinine on every level possible. To compare the incident to some roller blade hockey incident is laughable. The fact that a website trying to become a presence in Philadelphia sports published the junk is inexplicable.

• I’ve never seen more hoopla over a team going for .500, which the Sixers are doing tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I love what’s going on with the Sixers, although it would have been nice to see them make a deal before the trade deadline.

• I love the fact that Mike Schmidt got on Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino for not playing small ball as they swing for the fences. He’s absolutely right. If those guys don’t start playing to their strengths, there won’t be the parade everybody is expecting this fall.

• The Boston Celtics traded Kendrick Perkins and guard Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. I just don’t get this at all. I like Green, but the Celtics are trying to win now, and I really think they just traded that opportunity away.

• Tweet of the Week: It comes from Lou Williams, who tweets under TeamLou23, “RT @RefundChecks: @TeamLou23 These Trades are crazy!!! ---> (why we aint make no moves?? lol)~ for what? We rollin.”

• Chase Utley is already missing exhibition games due to general soreness. It could be nothing but that seems very strange.

• In the last couple interviews I’ve seen/heard Eagles president Joe Banner do, including yesterday with Mike Missanelli, he prattles on about Andy Reid having the characteristics of a championship coach. Quite frankly, he comes off like a computer geek that thinks he can boil down football to data that he can punch in to his Commodore 64. My question would be, “When does the fact that you haven’t won supersede the blue print to win a Super Bowl that the organization clearly thinks it possesses?”

• I don’t like conspiracy theories, but if Blake Griffin winning the Slam Dunk Contest wasn’t pre-ordained nothing ever has been.

• Another ground-breaking report by ESPN – NFL Agents United With Union. In other news, grass is green.

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