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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reviewing Last Week’s Picks

It was a short week in terms of the number of picks I had, but oh, so sweet. I went 3-1, but a 2-0 sweep of the AFC and NFC Championship Games for 100 points each to win 181.82 points made it a huge week. A Saturday split in college hoops with Kansas -7 losing outright to Texas and Villanova +6 winning outright over Syracuse only dropped the total .45 points on the 5-point picks.

The +181.37 point total was my largest point total ever for one week (excluding last year’s NBA Finals), and I’m now 4-0 this season on 100-point picks. With just one game left in football, the Super Bowl will determine whether or not I have a winning record in the NFL as I sit 44-44-1 on the season. However, at +169.54 points in the NFL this season, and +224.11 points when college picks are added in, I will definitely have had a winning football season. (As promised, I finally figured out my record per sport for 2010 picks in the original post revealing the year’s overall record.)

Obviously, I’ll have much more to say on the Super Bowl matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers next week.

There were a few basketball games I liked in the last few days, but nothing really jumped out. It’s pretty much hit or miss as to how many (if any) picks I’ll have each week from now until March Madness heats up. Don’t get sucked in by the shysters trying to sell you their picks as they tell you the action doesn’t stop after the Super Bowl. There’s no way to get the same feel on a regular season college or NBA basketball game as is possible with a football game.

I will have a pick on the Super Bowl here on the Ink the weekend of the game.

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