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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Sports Wrap: Eagles, Deion Sanders, Dumb Golf Rules, more

It’s the first Monday of the season where we get to look back on an Eagles game, even if it’s just a pre-season game. A few other sports stories (or non-sports stories) caught my eye, too, so here’s a quick weekend wrap:

• The first pass of the night showed me why Kevin Kolb is going to be a better quarterback than Donovan McNabb, if he isn’t already. It was the foundation of the west coast offense, a quick slant to DeSean Jackson, and all Kolb did was hit him in stride. It wasn’t behind him, or at his ankles, or anywhere else but in his hands. Ahhh, can you smell the fresh air?

• Could the Eagles please pay DeSean Jackson now? I know, I know, supporting an athlete’s efforts to be paid exurbanite amounts of money is disgusting, but this guy is a stud. I fear a bad break-up between Jackson and the Eagles as a casualty of the pending labor strife.

• I realize that an entire blog could be dedicated to pointing out stupid things said by Deion Sanders, but sometimes I just can’t resist. On Friday he was on 97.5 and according to the Inquirer he made the following comments about Kolb:

"He has the toughest job in the NFL this year because, for one, he's replacing McNabb," Sanders said. "You can't replace McNabb. He's filling in for McNabb. And secondly, Mike Vick is behind this man. You know in your cars it says objects in mirror are closer than they appear? The first bad pass he throws, those wonderful, valedictorian-type fans... those wonderful fans are going to be chanting 'Vick, Vick, Vick' on the second play of the game if he throws an errant, bad pass. He has the toughest job in the NFL this year. He really does."

Hear the interview on the station’s website.

I am at the point where I don’t understand why networks even have national analysts. This is a classic example – albeit dumber than most (after all, it was Deion talking) –of national guys having no clue about what’s going on in Philadelphia, and simply making something up. These statements, which are borderline racist in my opinion, have no basis anywhere but Deion’s empty head.

• It sort of slipped out this morning that Carlos Ruiz was unable on Friday to play because of the beating he took from his teammates in celebration of his winning hit on Thursday night. I’ve never comprehended the recent phenomenon of baseball players pounding on the guy that gets a walk-off hit. It’s right up there with hazing rookies. If professional athletes need to hold on to their youth this badly, they should go buy another Porsche.

It’s one of the dumber celebrations I’ve ever seen. Besides the obvious factor that guys are getting hurt now that fake beatings now come with actual punches because God forbid we don’t escalate everything in this society, it’s just plain dumb! What is the logic of punching the guy who just won the game for your team? About 1,000 hours on a psychologist’s couch might reveal some deep-rooted, seriously screwed up sense of jealously, but that’s not the point either. It’s just stupid.

The Angels already lost a key player for the season in one of these “celebrations.” The Phillies lost 1-0 to the Mets Friday night. If they lose the division by a game – unlikely, but still possible – I hope they remember their celebration . . . of an August regular season game. I guarantee the Angels will remember their regular season celebration when they watch the Yankees in the World Series.

• Am I the only person who notices that the only time most people talk about golf, besides mention of Tiger Woods, is when some really dumbass rule costs somebody a tournament? Yesterday, Dustin Johnson was penalized two shots for something called grounding his club in a bunker, which cost him a shot at a playoff. This must be classic rant day for me or something because I can’t stand golf any more than I like Deion Sanders as an analyst.

This was a major topic on sports talk today. Why? Because it affected a major sporting event? No! Golf isn’t a sport, you silly rabbit! It’s a game that most people play for the status of saying they play or because they don’t have an athletic muscle in their body or both. Those are the same reasons they love to prattle on about it. The reason obscure rules are clutched so tightly to the golfer’s bosom is so that they can mock people like me who hate their non-sport as ignorant.

Golf is no more of a sport than pool. I don’t mind people who play golf. I don’t even mind if it’s on television; I’ll watch something else – like a sport. Just please, oh please, don’t talk about it on sports radio.

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Anonymous said...


The Eagles claim they can't pay him now based on some stuff that I frankly don't understand.

I worry about his durability but he is the most exciting Eagle we have ever had, imo.