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Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Too Smart in the Mayor’s Office

This time you can thank the mayor’s office for perpetuating the stereotype of Philadelphians.

Mayor Michael Nutter was booed at a Fourth of July event over the weekend, prompting his spokesman to say, “It’s Philadelphia. Santa Claus got booed, and it’s a tough home crowd.” Kudos go to a guy named Doug Oliver, according to the Inquirer, for this stroke of genius.

Mayor Nutter gets a bad rap in my opinion. When he dares to close down a library that’s two blocks from another library to save the city some money in the worst economic times most of us have ever known, people want him thrown out of office. There’s finally a mayor in Philadelphia that seems want to do the right thing for the city, and people can’t wait to do the easy thing – whine about closing libraries as if he’s ripping books out of poor little children’s hands, calling him a one-term mayor, or running outside to hold up signs to protest much needed cutbacks and chanting slogans that rhyme and do little else.

But, c’mon, Mr. Mayor. A little help here? Your office can’t start playing on the same weak and worn out clichés about Philadelphia that moronic national pundits make a living on, especially the ones stemming from the sports world you politicians love to embrace when the teams have something to celebrate.

Besides, the boos came “just as Nutter was getting ready to hand the microphone over to Morris Day and the Time” of Purple Rain fame in 1984.

Seriously? Morris Day? Tell Oliver there were about 20 other ways to blow off the boos based on the musical choice alone without ripping the city.

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