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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catching up on the Phillies, Sixers, and the Free Agent Summit

With PhillyACCESS and taking up more time lately, I haven’t had as much energy to write or blog as I would like. Training for the M.S. Ride isn’t helping the effort either. I’ve been trying to come up with a rapid-fire format for this blog to offer a daily post, but it seems like sports would dominate even more than they already do. Until the proper inspiration strikes, here are some thoughts on recent events, and, yes, sports will probably dominate.

Phillies. After a monumental hitting slump and another weak showing in inter-league play, the Phillies are still in position to win the division. In fact, I was poised to say that with the return of Jimmy Rollins it was a lock that they were going back to the World Series. I can’t explain it, but Rollins’ presence really does seem to spur this team on. But with Chase Utley getting injured last night, I’m more concerned than ever. Rollins might give them their swagger, but Utley is their best player.

Sixers draft Turner. When the Sixers got the number 2 pick in the lottery, my first thought was that I hope Evan Turner is as good as “they” say he is. Now, I’m not even sure that’s what Sixers fans should be hoping for. The biggest knock on the guy is that he can’t shoot. We really needed another 6-7 athletic guy? I have a habit of looking at a guard’s free throw percentage to try to gauge his shooting. Field goal percentage can be deceiving if a guy is always slashing to the basket, though 50% from the field for the last two seasons from Turner is encouraging. However, 75% from the charity stripe last season is not. His 36% from behind the college arc is OK, nothing more; the 44% from last season is misleading since it was based on limited attempts.

Michael Vick’s time is up. I really never thought I’d say this, but Michael Vick’s gotta go. This isn’t moral outrage over what he did to dogs. It was despicable, no question, but I came down on the side that said the man gets to live his life after serving his time. I still feel that way. But now that another controversy has blown up over one of his cohorts getting shot at Vick’s birthday party, it’s time for the Eagles to move on.

Vick was ultra-aware that he couldn’t screw up again, and he has a birthday party at which anybody can buy a ticket? That’s Joe Barton dumb. I know he’s not really staying away from the guys Roger Goodell ordered him to, but at least “sell” it publicly. It never occurred to him that maybe the guys he sold out (from what I’ve heard) who were involved in the dog fighting might cause a problem?

The Eagles have a fresh start this season after trading Donovan McNabb and handing Kevin Kolb the starting quarterback position. Vick made sense last year as one last desperation move to try to win it all with McNabb. Now, it makes sense to move on.

Free agent summit. Reports are that Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh actually met and are leaning toward going to Miami as together free agents. If I could bet on this I’d put my house on it . . . if I owned one. First of all, how Bosh got into this trio is beyond me. Secondly, unless James is the second guy in America (after me) to realize he’s overrated (I said it), there’s no chance he subjugates his ego to be a co-number one option to Wade. No chance. Besides that, they still aren’t winning a championship with that crew.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think we agree on every issue. As much as I like your writing, that is a rare occurence.

Regarding the Phils, I think all the extra games of the last 2 years are taking a toll. The injuries have been incredible. This might not be their year but they still have a good base for a run next year if this year doesn't work out.

I see no chance of the Phils getting Lee. All we have left in the minors is Dominic Brown and with Ibanez having 1 year left after this year and Werth on his way out, I just can't envision them trading him.

After 11, the Phils have some big decisions to make on several players. That could prove to be very interesting.