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Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 9 picks, Myers Gone, etc.

Now that sports fans' in Philadelphia can turn their full attention to football, it's time to turn it around on my football picks. A disappointing 3-4 last week, including baseball, I'm 20-23 overall since the fall. Brutal.

For Week 9, here's my picks:

Falcons -10 over the Redskins
Packers -10 over the Buccaneers
Eagles -3 over the Cowboys
Cardinals +120 (money line) over the Bears
Penn State -5 over Ohio State

Other thoughts:
• Brett Myers has already been told he will not be back next season with the Phillies. If he's healthy and Brad Lidge doesn't have a bounce back year, this is a move we'll be hearing about for a long time. It's hard to disagree with Ruben Amaro Jr. after the last two seasons, but I don't like this move.
• Did the Eagles really spank the Giants last weekend? Is this really Eagles-Cowboys week? Well, Joe Banner can stop high-fiving people over the Phillies loss, and start praying his team shows up every week because we'll be paying attention again.
• I'd like to keep writing because I think I'm about to hit "Publish" and watch the Sixers. I thought the scary movies ended after Halloween?


Anonymous said...


This is hindsight naturally but your "homerism" betrayed you with Penn State and the Eagles. It was a revenge game for both the Buckeyes and Cowboys. Good teams usually prevail in revenge situations. As for the Packers, everyone got that wrong.


It was time for Myers to go although I would bring him back for a 1 year deal if no one else ponies up. Given his problems and injuries, Brett is not worth anywhere near the $11m he made this year. 1 year at $3m is the right price for him. He is a career 500 pitcher so I am not too worried.

I am worried about letting Feliz go. I know his OBP was bad but it WAS much better with running in scoring position. Plus, he is a vacum cleaner at third. Since I don't see too many viable options for the Phils at 3rd, this one has me scratching my head. His salary ( I think $5.5m) was not prohibitive on a relative basis. Maybe Amaro knows something we don't.

The real question for the Eagles is which McNabb will show up? He was awful on Sunday night and fantastic the week before.

Rob said...

Bad picks, but never homerism on picks. I was taught well - don't bet with your heart, bet with your head.

On Myers, I just worry about Lidge. I thought Myers would be a nice insurance policy.

On McNabb, 1-8-1 is the best stat I ever heard on the guy; that's the Birds' record in the last 10 close games. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

I concede on McNabb. It is time to turn the page.