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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phillies are NL East CHAMPIONS...AGAIN!!!!

To be honest, the emotion of the Phillies winning their third straight National League East championship isn’t as much excitement as it is a reserved sense of joy. Now that they’ve won a World Series, that can really be the only goal. But a few thoughts come to mind.

No one in this city would have ever thought Charlie Manuel would go down as one of the best managers in team history just a few years ago, but regardless of what happens in October it’s pretty much undeniable now. Manuel earned some of the criticism he received, but I can’t help but think of guys that ripped him simply for his accent. Yet, he’s shown a ton of class in victory, and did so again tonight giving Brad Lidge the final out to win the division.

Already, hearing Harry Kalas’ call of last year’s World Series victory replayed is sending chills up and down many a Phillies fan. Seeing the players pay tribute to the legendary announcer by tapping the HK sign honoring him in the outfield will only endear this team to the city more.

It is awesome as a lifelong Philadelphia fan that has seen so many promising teams – the Buddy Ryan Eagles, the Eric Lindros Flyers, and even the excitement of the Sixers drafting Jerry Stackhouse and Allen Iverson in consecutive years – come and go without any real success, to know that the era of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Cole Hamels will be remembered as a success. The fact that the word potential still applies to a team with a World Championship in its back pocket is almost hard to understand.

Do we dare dream of back-to-back World Championships? Tonight, we can ignore that the Yankees likely await the Phils if in fact they reach the World Series, and do just that.

Tonight, Phillies fans get to enjoy a level of success from a Philadelphia team many have never experienced.

The Phillies have won back-to-back-to-back N.L. East titles!

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